Scarlett Lee, DVM, Ph.D.

Dr. Scarlett Lee was a Ph.D. student from 2017-2022. She is now working at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Her thesis was titled 

“Dissecting the neonatal CD4+ T cell response to

Mycobacterium tuberculosis."


Neva Watson, Ph.D. 

Dr. Neva Watson was a post-doctoral research associate with the Rudd lab from 2016-2021. She is currently working as an biology application specialist at MilliporeSigma. 

Her work focused on innate-like functions of neonatal CD8+ T cells. 


Kristel Yee Mon, Ph.D.

Dr. Kristel Yee Mon defended her thesis in July 2020. After leaving the lab, Kristel joined Dr. Julie  Blander's lab as a post-doctoral research fellow at Weill Cornell Medical College 

Her thesis work focused on post-transcriptional genetic regulation of theneonatal and adult CD8 T cell response to infection


Jocelyn Wang, Ph.D.

Dr. Jocelyn Wang defended her thesis in November 2017. She worked as a post-doctoral research fellow with Dr. Mark Kaplan at Indiana University-Purdue University.

Her work focused on how the developmental origin of CD8+ T cells contributes to their response to infection and metabolic programs.


Wisler Charles

Dr. Wisler Charles defended his thesis in the summer of 2016. He is currently a post-doctoral research fellow with Dr. Eliseo Eugenin at Rutgers University.

His work focused on the environmental factors that alter the neonatal CD8+ T cell response to murine cytomegalovirus in the brain. If you are interested, Wisler created an app called Breach where you can fight pathogens.